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لیفت صورت لیفت صورت

Face lift

Includes forehead lift, eyebrow lift, cheek lift, lip corner, chin and neck lift, each based on individual needs.

عمل سینه و ایمپلنت عمل سینه و ایمپلنت


Implant or prosthesis surgery includes implants of the breast, cheeks, chin, buttocks, legs and lips, of which breast prosthesis is one of the most common types.

انواع فیلر انواع فیلر


Fillers are used as fillers to shape specific areas such as the lips, cheeks, under the eyes, deep lines between the eyebrows, nasolabial folds.

جراحی بینی جراحی بینی


Rhinoplasty is performed in two ways, Open and Closed, depending on the incision. There is no incision under the nose in the closed method.

عمل شکم و پهلو عمل شکم و پهلو

Abdominal and flank

tummy tuck surgeries that tighten muscles, remove fat, and remove excess skin, such as abdominoplasty and liposuctio

جراحی ترمیمی جراحی ترمیمی


Reconstruction of defects in various parts of the body, including soft tissues such as nerves and muscles and hard tissue such as bone

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After Surgery

Ask Doctor

When does the swelling of the nose disappear after cosmetic surgery and the final shape of the nose is determined?

Fluid accumulation after abdominal surgery (abdominoplasty) Is it normal, when does it go away?

How long should the nasal patch be applied?

How long does fat injection last and what percentage of the injected fat volume is absorbed in the first time?

Do you recommend breast and abdomen surgeries together, what is the distance between the mentioned surgeries?


Aesthetic & corrective

Making your face more beautiful is polishing a precious gem, which you do not let it to everyone

Cosmetic Surgery Tips

It is always better and easier to make decisions with more awareness and knowing the points. with full confidence and awareness, Make the best decision and obtain the best result in Dr. Bakhshi cosmetic surgery office.


Surgical Preparation

The process of preparing for surgery is both mental and physical. Accepting an operation that is done to be more beautiful (and not to reduce or heal the pain) can be anxious, but reviewing the reasons for this operation in the client's mind can reduce this stress.


Possible Side Effects

In plastic surgery, complications are mostly not accepted by patients, because the surgeon did not do operation in an emergency circumstances, but it should be known that every operation or procedure has complications. These problems affect the relationship between the patient and the doctor. It should be noted that not every complication mentioned in the reference books necessarily occurs for every act operation, but they are likely to occur.


Preoperative Photo

In all plastic surgeries, artistic photography or studio photography is one of the most important matters, because the comparison before and after the operation can be evaluated by considering these photos. Clients forget their previous face and appearance. Therefore, these photos are used both in the preoperative analysis stage and for postoperative comparison.


Preoperative Scanning And Testing

Most patients under the age of 45 yr don't need cardiac and internal counseling, and blood profiles including CBC, BUN / Cr, Na, KPt, Ptt, INR are sufficient. In breast surgery, breast ultrasound and mammography are usually performed before the operation. In rhinoplasty, a PNS CT scan is usually taken to check the nasal septum and maxillary sinuses.

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