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"Plastic surgery" is one of the most important fields of medicine and surgery because it treats and resolves functional disorders in different organs of the body. Each surgery on all surfaces of the body, from the underlying layers, such as bone tissue, to the layers of the skin, is referred to as plastic, reconstructive, or cosmetic surgery.
Reconstructive plastic surgery is not distinct from cosmetic surgery; thus, plastic and reconstructive surgery are taken into account during plastic surgeon preparation. A good and experienced plastic surgeon should be familiar with and apply body beauty concepts to be fruitful and satisfactory for the patient.
A condition with the structure or function of the body at birth, known as a congenital anomaly, can also occur after birth and at various ages. As a result of an injury, an inherited condition of the limbs happens for various causes. The plastic surgeon reconstructs the body with "Reconstructive Surgery" and cosmetic surgery to restore the target organ's functional ability and eliminate its deformity. In some cases, in addition to cosmetic surgery, microsurgery and lasers can help properly restore the procedure.
Reconstructive surgery has multiple uses; Reconstructive plastic procedures include breast replacement surgery, breast reduction, skin cancer-prone regions, separating of attached fingertips, surgery for different tumors, and more.
Oscar action
Scar surgery, or the repair of wounds on the forehead, trunk, and body organs, is one of the reconstructive and aesthetic procedures. Cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery may remove surgical wounds, malignancies, stitches, poorly welded incisions, boils, and other conditions.
Burn site
Every year, millions of people suffer from various types of burns all over the world. From a minor burn on the hand caused by touching a hot pot to massive and serious burns caused by fire and blast. Burn reconstruction surgery and a cosmetic surgeon are used to correct face and limb deformities caused by burns. Burns have a major impact not only on the skin's surface but also on its layers. Burns may cause a limb to lose its function. The tissue (Contractures) of the leg, including bone, muscle, cartilage, tendons, nerves structure, are repaired and modified by the plastic surgeon. Enhances the appearance and corrects any distortions or deformities.
Bedsores or pressure sores in areas of the body that have been immobile for a long time withstood the pressure of body weight are among the issues that people with mobility problems face. Bedsores grow in a brief period of time. Nonetheless, they take a long time to treat and are impossible to cure. The plastic surgeon uses musculoskeletal flaps to protect and treat bedsores.
Sugary lips or cleft palate
The cleft palate, also known as the cleft lip, is a congenital disability that affects infants. This condition creates issues for the infant in terms of function and appearance, affecting his looks. Fortunately, reconstructive cleft lip and palate surgery are also available for babies, and this condition can be entirely reversed by one or more surgical procedures and lip and mouth repair.
Trauma surgery
Specialist doctors conduct complex surgery to save a body part or even save a person's life as they sustain deep and extreme trauma in an accident. Trauma surgery is used to amputate an organ, patch arteries, and repair tissue lesions in an injury. After the trauma, the cosmetic surgeon restores the damage sustained by the injury and transplants the body's organs (hands, feet, ears, etc.) and skeletal, musculoskeletal, and other tissues by multiple operations. And, as far as possible, the restoration restores them to their original state.
Reconstructive surgery or cosmetic surgery will help you get rid of a defect in your body. In this respect, contact us for plastic, reconstructive, and cosmetic surgery consultations with Dr. Ruhollah Bakhshi.